Since establishing as an independent body, three years ago, our Chamber now has over 130 members representing the diversity of business in the retail, manufacturing, services and high-tech markets.

In the near future, we will face many challenges both new and on-going. The potential development of new Streets, the building of a new underpass and of course the continuing traffic flow and related parking problems. All of these events will directly impact on residents, visitors and in particular on the business community. Overlaying all of this will be the necessity to achieve a balance between creating a thriving town and maintaining the historic heritage, which makes our town such an attractive place to live and work.

The Chamber is actively involved in representing the interests of its members in many aspects of the town and its development to ensure that the end result will improve the trading environment for all. The hard-working Chamber committee provides representation on the many initiatives in the town and endeavours to provide a voice of opinion and influence wherever possible on behalf of members.

The Chamber provides a valuable forum for networking, information gathering and providing, as well as the social side of business relationships, which are so vital in commercial development. A regular programme of meetings and events with both a business and social focus is arranged and all Chamber members are actively encouraged to participate. Our newsletter and website keeps members informed and the comprehensive members directory is a valuable contact and promotional tool.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about doing business in our town to join the Chamber. Our secretary will be delighted to provide you with further information.

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